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Our Latest Games

  • The Queen’s Collection

    The Queen’s Collection

    Limited Queen Games 30 years anniversary edition!

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  • Clash of Vikings

    Clash of Vikings

    Can you bluff well enough to triumph in the clash?

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  • Cøpenhagen – Roll & Write

    Cøpenhagen – Roll & Write

    Our great family game for dice Copenhagen, the danish city, is famously traversed by canals and harbours. On one of these harbors lies “Nyhavn” (New Harbor) with its colorful gabled houses. Players are tasked to finish the facades of new buildings on the waterfront. On a turn, one player will roll dice and use one […]

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  • Merlin


    König Artus ist auf der Suche nach einem würdigen Thronfolger. Zusammen mit Merlin sucht er unter den Rittern der Tafelrunde nach dem besten Kandidaten.

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  • Rune Stones

    Rune Stones

    Players will take on the role of druids who must prove their skills handling the powerful rune stones. Summon creatures by magic and benefit from their abilities, all in a search to gain precious gems.

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  • Voll verwackelt

    Voll verwackelt

    Tim Löwe und seine Freunde haben die leckersten Kokosnüsse gefunden.
    Doch es gibt ein Problem: Die begehrten Früchte wachsen an einer Palme, die auf einem wackeligen Felsen steht.

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  • Luxor


    Auf der Jagd nach wertvollen Schätzen durchsuchen die Abenteurer den sagenumwobenen Tempel in Luxor. Das Ziel ist die Grabkammer des Pharao. Aber schon auf dem Weg dorthin gibt es zahlreiche Schätze einzusammeln.

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  • Cøpenhagen


    A thriving metropolis full of marvelous architecture. One of these is Nyhavn, famous for the colorful gable houses along the waterfront. The player’s task is to model the new facades so that they will fit in seamlessly with the gorgeous harbor setting.

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  • Bastille


    Paris, the weeks before the revolution: the different factions are preparing for the inevitable, asserting their influence all over the city, searching for commoners and gathering weapons if worse comes to worse.

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  • Franchise


    From fast food restaurants, coffee shops, motels, car dealers and rentals up to laundromats – in towns and cities all over the country new branches of corporations open to spread their business concept.

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  • Skylands


    The world of Skylands was destroyed and now only lots of flying parts of islands remain. However, by using their mystic skills, the inhabitants can reunite the fractions. They succeed to use the energies of woods, mountains and crystals to create new islands and supply energy to their cities.

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